Category 1

Building Industry Estimation Service - Category 1

In Category 1, NMM offers an Estimating Service for Class 1a Buildings in NSW.

NMM offers:

  • a BASIC ESTIMATE for a budget building price that can be provided to the Builder's Client
  • The BASIC ESTMATE can be used to check or verify the Builder's own estimate
  • the BASIC ESTIMATE is useful in starting a negotiation with the Builder's Client
  • an DETAILED ESTIMATE of Building costs that will include quantities for all materials, trade and other inputs
  • the DETAILED ESTIMATE is useful for bidding purposes and developing contracts with the Builder's client

NMM uses Planswift (TM) Software linked to Corelogic's (Cordell) live data estimating platform.

Click below for examples of Basic and Detailed Estimates:

Basic Estimate Example      Detailed Estimate Example

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