About Us

NMM Professional Services Pty Ltd is a boutique consultancy firm located in Sydney,  specialising in EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Contract Management) and in services to the Building Industry.

NMM Professional Services applies EPCM principles in delivering projects in the water and wastewater industries where it combines the power of research, innovation and analysis with strategic thinking and alignment.

NMM Professional Services provides a range of services to the Building Industry including packaged services that are usually provided by on-site Estimators and Contracts administrators. Building services include two levels of Estimations.

Mano Manoharan is a Chartered Professional Engineer experienced in the Civil Engineering and Building Industries.

Khaleq Choudhury is an experienced Buildings Engineer; Khaleq leads NMM's Estimation Branch.

Saba Sabalingam is a Professional Engineer attached to NMM as Consultant. Saba's experience is in Public Utiilities including Buildings, Infrastruture, Roads and Carparks.

Together, NMM's team commands more than 100 years of expertise the the Civil Engineering and Building Industries in Australia.