Engineering, Procurement, Contract Management Services

NMM is focused on delivering potable water and waste water services to the Developer industry.

Developers in the wider Sydney basin require parallel  potable and waste water infrastructure to meet with the needs of its development.

NMM offers to:

  • plan and identify potable and wastewater infrastructure needs
  • design the infrastructure to relevant standards and codes and achieve approvals
  • assist with Developer's funding needs by preparing an estimated cost of works and a Project Brief identifying project delivery parameters
  • negotiate with the Authority (eg: Sydney Water Corporation) to secure funding contributions
  • undertake a formal procurement process to engage the services of competent constructor
  • evaluate bids and identify bidder who offers value for money
  • obtain Authority approval of Constructor for the work
  • prepare contract and facilitate execution of the contract between Developer and Constructor
  • supervise the work and manage variations
  • assist Developer to claim entitlement from Authority