BCRP (Building Contract Review Program) is a program implemented by iCARE (Insurance and Care NSW)  to assist certain builders seeking insurance from HBCF (Home Building Compensation Fund).

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The purpose of the BCRP is to provide an independent review of the Builder’s preparation to contract a Project and their competency to manage the completion of the Project to acceptable industry standards. The BCRP is designed to test the competence of the Builder to complete the Project and not compliance with building standards.

The BCRP aims to assist the following builder groups:

  1. new entrants to the building industry who have never before entered into a building contract with a home owner of $50,000 or over (or has never been a key manager within a building business that did so);
  2. where the Builder has no demonstrated experience in commencing and successfully completing Projects of a similar nature to the ones requested for HBCF Insurance cover; and
  3. where the Builder’s Project gross margins have been identified as requiring further review as part of their Eligibility assessment