The BCRP (Building Contract Review Program)

BCRP Components

BCR Component 1 - Contract document review.
Review the contract documentation for each Project to ensure that:
(a) the correct parties to the residential building contract; site address etc. are identified;
(b) the correct name and licence number of the Builder’s trading entity is shown on all documentation (i.e. name on building contract, certificate of insurance application and licence is the same);
(c) the licence held by the Builder’s trading entity covers all the work being contracted;
(d) the building contract terms do not create a commercial risk for the completion of the Project because of unfair terms, provisions etc. (including contracts with developers and architect administered contracts);
(e) the Project application for HBCF Insurance is consistent with the BCR Service Provider’s understanding of the Project; and
(f) review the Project’s construction schedule provided by the Builder to ensure that it is appropriate for the type and complexity of the Project.